Uber Eats to Launch in Kenya

Uber launched in Kenya three years ago. Since then it has seen wild success and a significant amount of backlash, from both its employees and competitors but after an overall good reception, Uber is ready to launch Uber Etas in Kenya. Already a widely used service in Kenya, the taxi conglomerate has chosen to further their business in Kenya with a doorstep delivery service for Kenyan food lovers. Launching in Nairobi is expected to take off their business and compete with other local brands such as Yum, Jumia Food, and EatOutKenya.

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Initially, the idea of Dial A Delivery, implemented by the South African food chain Galitos was a novel idea but Yum’s social media manager Charles Maina says that Kenyans have now embraced ordering online, preferring it to placing a call. There are menus available with well-priced items to encourage people to buy online.

To make the service convenient, participating restaurants share their location, menus, events, accepted modes of payment, delivery schedules and parking available in the area to facilitate friendly customer service. The Uber Eats spokesperson announced that the launch of UberEats will take place in the coming weeks for the Nairobi market.

Source: Standard Digital Media

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