Uber launches new service with tuk-tuks in Mombasa

After launching two years ago in Mombasa, uber has now sweetened the deal for Mombasa residents by offering up the new UberPOA service. An uber tailored service specifically for the coastal town. The UberPOA service will use tuk-tuk transport to ferry residents, tourists and locals around the go-to holiday spot for locals.

The services are very fare and mirror Nairobi’s uber cheap. The cheapest rated uber vehicle, championed by the small but efficient Suzuki. The rides are on a high demand basis; therefore, they are limited and only available in Mombasa and the suburb areas. the base fare for the tuk-tuk rides are KES 10, per kilometer charges are KES 15, and per minute KES 3 apply. For the minimum fare, tuk-tuk drivers can be certain of making upwards of KES 50.

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The entire Mombasa island is covered as well as areas such as Mombasa island, nyali, mkomani, kongowea, kisauni and Bamburi. These areas have a relatively high population as compared to other areas, essentially catering for a certain majority. The launch is timely since the holidays are nearing and uber can expect to make high returns from both local and international tourists over the December holidays.

It is also a good start to a hopefully expanding business to cover more coastal areas and cover more customer base. The use of tuk-tuks is a novel idea for ridesharing in Kenya and uber has certainly succeeded in penetrating the market successfully. Other companies like the Estonian ride-sharing app taxify has also diversified their offers by recruiting boda-bodas for ride-hailing within Nairobi county, and it has been very popular.

The convenience of cheap rides available within the central business district comes at a time when the new financial bill of 2018 has come into effect, making Kenyans flinch at the new increased fuel prices. This will mean, more people will rely on public transport to get around doing errands, for work and conducting business. This has out the ride-sharing apps in a position of promise for those who prefer the privacy and serenity of a cab than the local buses and ‘matatus’.

To request for the new UberPOA one only has to open their uber app, and request for the ride as normal. The UberPOA ride is available alongside UberX that has been operational in the coastal county since 2016. The company has been growing steadily despite continued strikes and new competition in the Kenyan market, however recently t has maintained a stability in keeping their drivers happy.

Additionally, their Uber eats venture has taken off in the capital, competing with Jumia food and other local restaurant and fast food delivery options. Their main tactic of getting more eateries on board has worked, and the order process has been made simple by ordering directly from the uber app itself. Customers do not need to download a different app, familiarize then order for their food from there. Technology made simple has taken on another meaning here.

The coastal town which is known for ferrying customers via rickshaws for throwaway prices has seen an upgrade with the new uber service launch. it will not only be a cheap option but also a safer option for them. It is often preferred by low-income city dwellers and tourists who want to gain the local experience but the new tuk-tuk taxis with uber will modify the experience altogether.

The three-wheelers also operate in select areas of Nairobi; however, they are not a common or popular choice for the metropolitan residents. They are often seen in the central business district to maneuver the narrow busy streets of Nairobi’s commercial center. They can occupy up to two passengers, and sometimes are preferred option to ride solo with more space, and less wind charging than the local boda-boda option. After this new information, it is safe to say that the American company has gone local.

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