Mambo Wallet - Withdraw Funds from PayPal to Mpesa

Mambo Wallet is a new platform that enables you to withdraw money from Paypal and Moneybookers directly to your mobile money transfer service and vice versa. This service currently supports MPESA but will be supporting other services including Zain, YuCash, and Orange Money in the near future.

With Mambo Wallet, you will be able to work, earn and get paid online with convenience. This money transfer service is speedy, safe, reliable and guaranteed to make your life easier. Upon a successful withdrawal of money from PayPal/Moneybookers to your mobile money service account, you will be able to receive the cash in your phone within 24 hours.

The fees charged for this service are also very attractive and competitive. You simply register an account with Mambo Wallet, then wait for an approval of your account after which you will be able to withdraw, transfer, and make transactions via your account. The approval process is done manually but is very simple and less involving for the client. It takes up to 2 business days. The transaction procedures are provided to successful applicants only to maintain high standards of this service and to avoid abuse.

Please read

Mandatory Requirements:

  • You must be PayPal verified to apply for this service.
  • You must have an MPESA account
  • Your MPESA Account Name and that of your National ID/Passport MUST match
You might also be required to provide proof of source of income for your transaction if the transaction is flagged by our system as fraud. This helps us to prevent fraud and fraudulent transactions and money laundering.

Benifts of Wallet Services

  • Transfer funds from different countries
  • Receive funds in different currencies to your home currency
  • Expand your income source as long as you can receive payment via Paypal/Moneybookers
  • Hassle-free money transfer service at the comfort of your computer
  • Speedy transaction process
  • Secure money transactions service
  • Send money from Mpesa to PayPal and from PayPal/Moneybookers to Mpesa without going to an agent

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