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Mambo Microsystems Ltd

  • Making a website is one thing; but deigning a great website is another. Anybody can make/create a website. But it takes a pro to design a great website. However, you do not have to be a pro web designer to make a great website if you know where to get the right foundation for your website.

    By foundation, it means where to get the best design idea for your website. The secret is simple; website templates! If you can get a great website template, then you can design and develop a great website. This is actually what separate web design pros with amateurs.

    Why Use Website Templates

    A good website template eliminates a lot of work from your hands. All you are left to do is to customize the template to reflect your company brand, that is, adding your logo, your company slogan, and adding you company’s products and services description.

    Good to note here is that you should not go for any website template that you come across however attractive it may look. A good template for a website is one that is:

  • Search engines optimized

  • Intuitive and interactive

  • Easy to customize

  • Easy to navigate around

  • Made of a clean background code

  • Attractive to your customer’s eye

  • Reflects your company and brand

  • This understanding of the importance of website templates is what actually puts Mambo Microsystems a league above most other web hosting companies. At Mambo, when you buy any web hosting package, you get access to over 4,500 different website templates in different business categories.

    This means that whatever your business is about, you will find a matching template to use while designing and developing your website. We further go a step forward and offer premium web design services where we design and develop your website using premium and very unique website templates that communicate your brand and business message clearly to your market.

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