What are the best features of Office 365? It's more than just their office suite

Microsoft productivity tools are the most commonly used in the office the world over. If you already use the office suite compiled of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint then you are already well versed in how they work. It is also likely that you use the same office tools at your place of work among your colleagues and peers at college. The office 365 set of productivity tools are similar but now available on the cloud. Yes, it is a cloud service and has some of the best features to streamline and facilitate your work. If you have not used this product, then it is about time you upgrade and get the best out of it.

Collaboration is one of its best features. Since it is cloud-based, many users can see a file online, and do edits and share where everyone can see. It is simple and efficient that way. Another very useful feature is their Skype application. Millions of people already use Skype for video calling with family and friends. The Microsoft owned app goes a notch higher when it comes to office 365. Skype for business has been introduced for conference calling and even presentations. You can now make those pitches and share information at ease. Get your powerpoint presentation front and center to make sure everyone on the team understands your vision!

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Instead of sharing, the cloud allows you to link the files. One simply has to open their outlook and provide a link to the article they need to be addressed. It is that simple. Now since the cloud applications work well with all devices, moving from your business account to personal on an Android device is seamless. All you have to do is connect the two and toggle between your one drive accounts easy. There is also the option of turning your notes into calendars. Now, this is a genius move! Using one note you can convert your notes into tasks that you need to meet deadlines. There is also the option of adding dates and addresses among other meeting details and update automatically. Once this is done, you can send them out to friends to show the new updated information.

Microsoft has also introduced a new mode of Sway, a cloud presentation software that is integrated with Bing search engine. This makes it easier for Bing to suggest images to you at a moment’s notices. This is based on your words for presentations and it updates you as words are edited. One Note also has some neat tricks that include, turning scribbles and drawings into text. The application tries to make sense of your handwritten notes then comes up with a relatively coherent context. Where it is wrong, one can simply correct the text using the lasso tool by circling the problem area. It will then give you options to convert the text into numbers or text.

For the organized people who hate the mess of spam emails and junk in their inbox, office 365 has a cool tool called ‘clutter’. It does the decluttering for you based on your own rules and habits. By marking spam emails regularly, or unopened junk clutter starts to declutter your mail by sending it to the clutter folder. Just like that, you have an organized mailbox. More to it, Microsoft has an efficient new way of ignoring conversations that you are added to when someone sends the ‘reply to all’ button. Office 365 now offers you the option of clicking ignore to mute those constant messages coming in.

As per the few perks I have mentioned, office 365 has more features that need to be explored for the best user experience.

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