What are the types of Web Hosting Services are available? We look at all the options

Web hosting is offering a website or blog space on the internet with a given domain name at a given fee. These services are offered with the aim of creating awareness for a company or individual for clients or interested parties to access their products or services.

Shared web hosting
If you are starting small, a shared hosting account is a good option as it is affordable and efficient. On a smaller budget, this type of web hosting will be able to support and build your site without worry about security and maintenance. The website is operational twenty-four hours a day with good connection and servers. Today most sites offer 99.5% connection. However, to be sure you can always track the site with a server monitoring tool to be sure. Domain names are relatively cheap and users often own more than one. Sites like Go Daddy offer cheap domain names at a low cost.

VPS Hosting
VPS hosting means virtual private server hosting, which essentially means that the web hosting provider will avail both shared and dedicated resources to your website. It is a mix of both. While shared hosting caters for those who are using the web hosting services on a free trial or low-cost basis, VPS also dedicates resources to your website. It leverages better services than shared hosting but not the full premium experience of dedicated web hosting. Technically, it is both shared and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated web hosting allows for the use of entire servers dedicated to your website alone. They are more expensive. Such are often used by corporate organizations or larger e-commerce sites. The network is 99% reliable and resourceful. Downtime is at a minimum and speeds are impressive. This kind of web hosting is required for sites with heavy traffic. Resources for dedicated hosting are readily available. To deal with security issues, bandwidth or maintenance. Whatever the problem, a dedicated hosting option should be able to resolve it.
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The amount of bandwidth you use will depend on the content you upload on your website and the amount of traffic flowing to your website. Unlimited bandwidth is not entirely unlimited. Most sites that claim to have unlimited bandwidth have a slow response time which is bad for business. If you do deplete your bandwidth make sure to know the terms and conditions of the sites. Most sites either take down your site until the next month when it is renewed or apply extra charges to cover the cost. Connection speed is another concern. It is very important to be available as soon as a client requires.

Technical support is sometimes offered as part of a web hosting package or outsourced from another company. Email support, telephone, and live chat customer service are also part of support services. It is important to have a user-friendly control panel with extensive functionality that will allow you to provide your own solutions. Otherwise, you will remain indebted to the web hosting service technical support. This is not a good thing especially if you are on the shared hosting package. The resources are often limited which makes it difficult to get good support.

Be sure to check customer service options. The technical support you and your customers may need should be adequately assigned. Anticipate customer needs on visiting your website and tackle those problems beforehand.

Email hosting is also desirable and it is the email attached to your sites domain name. These are often used by customers and the audience at large to ask questions and provide feedback while employees have such emails for professional purposes. This can come as a separate package.

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