What is a lightweight email service? Using the right email service for your business

In a busy office, or a popular blog. Perhaps a media agency or even as the manager of a public figure, communication is key. Calls come in, emails are received by the dozens and people want feedback. A client wants a response, others want to book appointments, make inquiries, pay for products or services and the likes. To avoid a room full of chatter many professionals today have resorted to emailing. Emails, somehow make you more available. You can schedule responses when you are out of office, for certain inquiries or send them out in bulk to save on time. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to seek out an email service. It is convenient and considerably, affordable.

Email services have advanced today to be used to start and circulate marketing campaigns, newsletters, recruitments, they also serve as informational platforms for organizations. They are very useful, especially for busy folk who do not stay in the office. Having an email address that is synced to all your devices, ensures that you are still in the know even when you are on the move.

However, what is considered a lightweight email service?

Web-based mail service is what comes together with your web hosting package. The web host provider also includes email services that will be managed to cater to your clients via the website. However, many website owners have shown a preference for outsourcing email services to third parties and they have done so successfully.

The reason behind the outsourcing is because a company that may have the technical edge could be lacking in front-end management. They could offer, system setting and configuration support with debugging services but be highly incompetent in customer service. Email service is part of customer service. To be sure of the right email hosting provider; read reviews, ask for referrals and be mindful of what you come across online. Follow up on promises from companies when they are given a bad review. Your chosen support must also offer stellar client management skills in order to be effective. A poor representation of the company could lead to a dissatisfied customer which could lead to loss of business as well.

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This kind of email services is used to manage heavy traffic of emails. Therefore, they go in part and parcel with larger corporations and busy mid-sized enterprises. A lightweight email service will likely be offered free of charge, but these days every commodity is monetized and if you want better quality then you have to pay for it. Henceforth, there are lightweight services, that ask for a minimum fee for their services. For the more traditional ‘lightweight’ services they include Outlook and Gmail. These two are dependable, especially on the devices you use.

For example, if you work with Windows, Microsoft office and have a Microsoft device then outlook makes sense. For those who rely on Google docs and tend to have more Android devices then Gmail is the obvious choice. For small businesses Zoho mail services work well, especially on collaborative team works. It also offers similar functionality for both Apple and Android devices. For businesses that handle sensitive information, Tutanoa is known to handle such emails well, boasting privacy as one of their top features. However, they do have limited features so it is not for everyone.

iCloud and AOL mail, tend to be on the unpopular side due to their limited features and the fact that for iCloud it is only operational on apple devices. Making it both limited in features and device usability.

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