What is G Suite lacking? Competing for the Enterprise Market

Well, the better question is what is G suite lacking that users actually care about? From a biased standpoint, I could point out several features because I prefer to use Microsoft (not that I do, this is an example). However, what really keeps users on board for office 365 is their spreadsheet application and general common usage. People will pay a lot of money for convenient easy to use the software. In this particular situation, Windows is a wider spread software with millions of users. Their spreadsheet is also phenomenal when it comes to the high-powered corporates. It simply has everything they need all at once. It is the genie in a bottle.

Another hurdle, other than the spreadsheet is that their products are simply not identical to Microsoft. For years, companies have used Microsoft products. Anything comfortable is like home. You know what to do, how to navigate, troubleshoot and share with others. The problem lies in shifting to a newer model, or different software after investing a lot of time and effort into one thing. This is why it pays off to be the first. Companies have invested a lot of time and money on customization and training of their employees to learn how to operate on these productivity tools and do it well.

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Microsoft has been a dominant factor when it comes to office productivity tools for decades. Building upon what they have. Upgrading and updating for a better user experience in the office. Tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook make up a key part of business every day. To replace these applications will be tough, and considering that Microsoft still leads from this angle has proven so for Google. However, Google continues to try, by introducing new applications and changing the old ones. To compete with Microsoft, they have added Google sites to the equation.

This is a direct competitor of Microsoft intranet tool, SharePoint. It also acts as Microsoft’s document management and storage system. Google sites are designed to facilitate communication between employees and to help them easily find files. While this is not a new idea, it has helped gain one million new users of their product. A significant uptake after only 12 months of the updates. While this is good news, many of the new users are small business firms. The G Suite is garnered towards attracting new enterprise clients. Much like Microsoft.

Some companies have migrated to use the G Suite set of productivity tools and have found it useful. However, major corporations still tend to lean on Microsoft for its office solutions. Especially, in the new age of cloud services. Those who have taken up Google’s services praise it for its better collaboration methods, communication, and better employee management systems. Building around a set of tools is challenging but worth it when it all works out. This is part of the reason many clients stick to windows. As a byproduct of a desktop set of tools, it has created many advantages.

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For companies that also prefer to run on the desktop, the introduction of the clod office 365 was a bonus. Their methods are centered on a seamless navigation between the two environments. Making it the clear choice for companies that prefer to have both. The challenge G Suite is facing also has to with the fact that is it a web-based app. Born in the cloud. The smooth running between desktop and cloud does not exist yet and this makes people adamant about moving to Google’s Suite.

To add to that, Microsoft a great support structure and in general there is more expertise as compared to G Suite. There’s a know-how on how to fix what is broken, and who to ask for help. The same does not come as easily for G Suite products. You may end up having to go to Google itself or throw out the product. To avoid such a scenario, companies opt out before they encounter numerous onboarding issues with the transition process.

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