What is Microsoft Azure Used For? Is it the best cloud based platform out there?

Microsoft is a growing collection of cloud services for building, distributing and managing intelligent applications through a global network of data centers.

Microsoft Azure is used as an advancement cloud service system to upload, store and analyze data. It is used by big corporations to store and synthesize the data for facilitated usage. For example, the Cancer Research Foundation in Canada uses Azure to upload, store an analyze data based on their genome research for cancer. The foundation uses Azure to complete research that would normally take years to complete until recently.

The cloud computing capabilities of Azure have been praised by the researches as having a nearly limitless scaling of computing power in their data centers. Azure has played a significant role by increasing the speeds at which data is analyzed. Microsoft the parent company is passionate about healthcare, making healthcare inclusive products as well as supporting health efforts through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The cloud system on Azure has unlimited storage for loads of data and as the system allows for knowledge sharing on its platform, the sharing and contribution of knowledge has been made easier for the international community of researchers and academics. Azure has created an open line of communication between healthcare providers and Microsoft. Microsoft Azure is also an active player in the manufacturing, retail, financial services and government services.

When it comes to retail services, Azure provides a more personalized experience for customers by gathering and understanding the shoppers buying behavior data to anticipate future needs and interests. The company is then able to use this new information to create personalized experiences and offers. This makes the brand more relevant to the customer, the promotions are more effective and ultimately it boosts sales when the offers are exposed to the right people. For the employees, they become more productive as they work more efficiently due to the built-in social and mobile capabilities of Azure.

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Retail companies can also capitalize on data-driven insights to enhance revenue. It also gives the company a chance to learn from data to open a new revenue stream. Azure supports open source technologies to run any application that the organization and user uses. The cloud allows users to pay for what you use therefore, it is a price-conscious product. It also manages a company’s existing solutions and offers readymade or custom made solutions for their clients. In manufacturing, Azure has been able to customize its services for its customers.

One manufacturing client has found it easier to use Azure than develop, test and run its own products. Instead, Microsoft Azure through the Dev. Test Labs has been able to provide the kind of experience needed to onboard developers in hours as opposed to weeks and get new ideas underway faster. Having an attractive edgy software service has also been able to capture the attention of top talent in the manufacturing industry. Azure has been able to speed up software development and innovation for companies’ world over because of their advanced services. It has also assisted companies to scale the software arena and compete with other tech giants like Google and Apple.

The Azure Dev. The test provides standardized templates for dev. /test environments and easy to access all needed tools. It is open source friendly accommodating Java, Tomcat, Decker containers, Linux, SUSE Linux, and Red Hat Enterprise which all work smoothly with Microsoft. The Dev Cloud has also presented an opportunity for developers to create new ideas and bring forth proof of content by simply coding on the cloud. This makes it easier to collaborate on new projects and take them to the market faster. Other Azure products include Azure Virtual Machines and Microsoft Visual Studio Team services.

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