What is web space – the storage space on a web server The Ins and Outs of Web Space

Web space refers to the disk space allowed on an internet server. This space is required by a website owner to accommodate for his website needs. This could range from a company or personal portfolio to an e-commerce site or fashion blog. Either way, to be online a website requires space to provide services for interested parties.

The web space stores HTML files, images and audio files, log files and other files that make up your website. The disk space is also known as a storage room and the measure of space is often allocated by the web hosting company. The web space is measured in bytes. This is kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes. The abbreviations are KB, MB, and GB in their respective sequence. Individual sites usually start by using 10-25 MB of space. While 500 pages utilize only 1 MB of space audio and visual content uses more.

A good web hosting company will define their offers and provide a stable server for their clients. There is a lot of space that is unseen to the eye by customers and interested persons that visit your website. Some of the ‘invisible files’ taking up web space include PHP files, database files, and CGI program files. Files are stored on the website with a PHP extension to be used for various site activities such as processing for online stores and poll results management.

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The databases store customer details and product codes. These are retrieved by PHP Scripts. The invisible files are responsible for supporting interactivity on the site, the dynamic content, statistics and e-mail communications to customers and employees alike. Today the space offered by web hosting organizations goes for a cheap price and with standard plans for gigabytes. To appear as if they have a more attractive package, web hosting companies often use smaller units to impress customers when showcasing web space to draw them in.

It is always advisable to estimate your web hosting needs on a personal computer. Knowing the average need for your website will distinctly help you to make a decision on the web hosting space and company you will select. More files that need to be considered for your web space quota include log files. These are web related data containers that use up your web space. It is advisable to keep these in mind. Generally, the sites that need the most web space and bandwidth are multimedia sites and e-commerce sites.

For an e-commerce site, it is especially important that the website owner gets proper recommendations for their site before completing the work. The web hosting company should allow for an expandable site because the site rapidly uses web space as both users and content offered grows over time. Holding this off could mean getting another web hosting company to manage your site and that is not an easy task. The web hosting company needs to have the resources to cater to increased usage over time.

Affiliate marketing pages are sites that do not directly sell any products or services to customers. Instead, they redirect the traffic to the main site. Such sites have only two or three pages, making the bandwidth and web space requirements low. Corporate websites also have a low web space and bandwidth requirement. The corporate website acts as an online brochure. It gives the location and information on what the company does including their history. It only requires about 3 pages, for a landing page, about us and portfolio or gallery of their work. In other cases, an employee profile page is included.

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