What problems will Microsoft Office 365 solve for businesses? We look at the offerings of Office 365

Microsoft Office 265 was launched in 2011, as a successor to the Microsoft Business Suite offering. It is intended to make work easier for enterprises and corporations, including non-profit organizations and schools. However, Microsoft has broadened their customer base to include small and medium-sized businesses. As well as students and professionals who work from home. As a result, they have modified their packages to reflect the target audience they intend to sell the Office 365 model too.

Office 365 is available for purchase, on subscription annually or monthly and in return, customers have the option of accessing all their Office suite programs offline. This includes Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. In addition, Outlook and One Drive come as part of the package. Custom intranet SharePoint is an added advantage and Skype for business instant messaging is available for fast communication. Their several office apps made available to paying users to encourage workflow away from the office. Yammer, Microsoft’s version of Facebook is available as a corporate social network for the office 265 users.

SharePoint is the local communications network used by a private network. For example, it is exclusive to your corporation or your company. Skype for Business has been enhanced to allow for business calls, meetings, and presentations. People on the call can watch presentations, and take control at the request of the person presenting to take over and make presentations as well. Making it a productive conference call between co-workers at different locations.

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Since the software is available for purchase and downloads online, it comes as a convenient package for buyers. They get the software immediately, install it and it is ready for use. More than that, for new and small businesses that do not have a fixed premise, the Office 365 gives them a chance to still work, communicate and collaborate as if they are in one place due to the convenience of an offline option. The can save their files, share and edit and work from anywhere at any time. Proving to be a resourceful service for multinationals, that have offices in different time zones.

Office 365 is a cloud-based service, which can be accessed via multiple devices. Depending on the package you pay for. It can be accessible to up to 5 devices per user. Therefore, if you own a tablet, a Pc, and a desktop at the office, all of them can be linked to sync your work and it can be accessed over all your devices at any given time.

When the purchase is done as a one-off, it is cost effective. It may seem like a large and expensive cost at once, but this is more convenient. Especially when it applies to a group of people. Making the purchase once saves time and resources as the annual offer saves more money as compared to the regular monthly subscription. Once you make the purchase, Microsoft makes regular updates and no additional costs and offers technical support free of charge.
This comes as a relief because the handling of Microsoft products can be an expensive endeavor. Updates and problems tend to be ignored by users due to the cost attached to newer models and other solutions. This way, the problem is solved even before you can detect it. Enabling business to run smoothly between all users.

Now that Microsoft is shifting its customer base to include lower and middle-income earners, they too can have a share of premium Microsoft services that power other big corporations. Enabling businesses to progress with better software than previously.

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