Where can one create email addresses for my own domains? Addressing Email Hosting Services

When one decides to create their own website, often the domain name is a primary concern. Your domain name needs to reflect the name of your business. Be concise and easy to remember. When looking for a web hosting service, a new website owner has many concerns, among them is the budget, functionality, and appearance of the website. Also, will they be able to change the domain name and remain on the same web hosting service?

There are many questions that come to mind when you are making the decision to go online and your domain name is very important. Big companies or brand names tend to buy name related domains to make sure that competition or individuals do not buy those domain names to resell at high prices. This means that having up to six domains that relate your original domain name is highly likely and happens quite often. It is about safeguarding your professional interests.

When you are in the process of searching for a web hosting service this is the time to address the issue of email addresses. It is advisable to ask your chosen web hosting company if this is a service they provide. If email hosting is not one of their features, consider outsourcing. There are third-party companies that manage email hosting needs. Why is it necessary to get email hosting in your domain name?

Consider customer feedback. For a more professional appearance receiving an email, the response is better when it comes from jenny@jennyssalon.com than jennyssalon@gmail.com. It shows class, it also shows that your business is doing well enough to have a professional website with a business email address. Therefore, it serves as a neutral address to have your employees or yourself to use to address work queries and to respond through.

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Companies that do feature email hosting are many. They also require you to go through the same procedure as you did when looking for a web hosting service. Do your research, read reviews and ask for references. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing therefore, a friend’s recommendation is better than a website testimonial. To start, you need the basic. Pick an email hosting platform to use and then install it to your custom domain. For custom email options, with your chosen domain name the procedure is slightly different.

Custom email platforms include Zoho Mail, G Suite, Fastmail, ProtonMail and GreatMail among others. Customers look for stability, security, and consistency in updating their features. Sites like Zoho Mail are popular because they allow 25 free emails before they can start charging. It is also easy to set up, making it a favorite among users. G Suite previously known as Google apps is the most common email hosting service used. Their customers get the same user interface as they do with their personal Gmail accounts making it easy to maneuver. To add onto this they also provide Google Drive, calendar, Google sites and more for the users’ convenience.

When it comes to ProtonMail they offer the most secure end to end encrypted service with an aesthetically pleasing user interface. This easily complements their services, especially for customers who want to save and communicate sensitive data. FlaskMail presents an easy setup which is easy to use, and clutter free without a multitude of apps or miscellaneous information. It is straight to the point and simple for new users. As a service like GreatMail, they have been in the business of email hosting since 2003, making them very experienced. You can be sure they know what they are doing and will take care of your data well.

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