Which is better and why: Office 365 or Google Apps? Office Productivity Cloud Suites

Google Apps rebranded and is now known as the G Suite. Referring to their group of office productivity tools, like Google spreadsheets, docs, Hangouts and calendar among others. It has received several new upgrades to make it a better experience for users and especially small business owners.

Other features include doc management, group calendars, and cooperative writing. When it comes to group calendars, members of the same group can view the schedules available and add or edit to allow for easy updating. These updates are then viewed by the group members. Business owners who have used G Suite recommend it for its excellent productivity. Seamless workflow and unlimited storage when it comes to the business option. This gives the business peace of mind in knowing they can store all their data, irrespective and they do not have delete files they may need later.

On which one is better depends on the products you use and the OS you prefer. For those who work on PC with pre-installed windows; it is probably easier to use Microsoft products. For those who are using Android devices and tablets, Google apps are definitely going to be more appealing. This is just because of its relation to the operating system and the ease of use.

Google apps have received positive reviews from websites such as Tech Radar quoting their services as fast, lightweight and compelling for small and middle enterprises. More than that, it has been praised for being easy to use as it maintains its user-friendly user interface. For those with Google accounts, the transition is seamless and easy for them. Another advantage is that the suite is competitively priced. Making it affordable for SMEs and professionals. It also spots numerous office apps like its counterparts, such as Office 365 by Microsoft.
However. When it comes to email services, Microsoft is superior to Google. Their own outlook can be used as a third party for businesses that prefer desktop clients. It allows far more users to use the email service and has also include domain buying on their list of services. Features such as clutter are also very attractive to users who prefer to keep a clean inbox.

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For the organized people who hate the mess of spam emails and junk in their inbox, office 365 has a cool tool called ‘clutter’. It does the decluttering for you based on your own rules and habits. By marking spam emails regularly, or unopened junk clutter starts to declutter your mail by sending it to the clutter folder. Just like that, you have an organized mailbox. More to it, Microsoft has an efficient new way of ignoring conversations that you are added to when someone sends the ‘reply to all’ button. Office 365 now offers you the option of clicking ignore to mute those constant messages coming in.

With such applications available, it makes it very easy to choose one over the other. It is true that small things matter and a little goes a long way. Applications that cater to the small things that are often not addressed can quickly become very successful. There is also the fact that Microsoft office is popular and more common as a productivity tool. Making the adoption of office 365 easier. People are more familiar with the way it works, and their colleagues and partners are likely to be as well versed as well. In terms of convenience for circulating documents for edit and sharing, office 365 is better.

Gmail has its own fancy feature which involves nudging. Which reminds you when you need to reply an email that remains unread in your inbox. The Hangouts Meet for video conferencing is now compatible with other video conferencing systems like Cisco and Microsoft’s Skype for Business. Therefore, someone can now join a call on Google’s service. There is also a low code application called the App maker available for Business and enterprise users. Google tasks will help you keep track of your daily chores, and set and make deadlines.
At the end of the day, I believe it comes down to functionality and convenience. If it meets your budget, user-friendly criteria and meets your needs you are bound to be comfortable with one.

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