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Professional WordPress Hosting

  • Any good blogger knows that Wordpress is among the best content management systems as a choice blogging platform. Some web designers also use Wordpress to design their clients websites owing to its ease of use and ease of integration with social media. WordPress is also very search engine friendly on top of allowing easy of interactivity with website visitors.

    Wordpress is also very easy to customize thanks to the many free and paid plugins available, free and paid themes, as well as the easy to use dashboard in its back end. With Wordpress, you can have your site or blog up and running in no time.

    But having the Wordpress site or blog up and running is not all. You need to get the best Wordpress hosting service available out there. You should have a hosting service that guarantees that your Wordpress blog is up and accessible online through out. A stable and reliable blog is very important if you want to grow your followers list as well as your customers.

    A web hosting service that allows you to easily install Wordpress on your domain is the best choice. If this hosting service goes ahead to offer a way to automate the wordpress installation procedure, making this easy even for a person who has zero technical skills, then this becomes the perfect host.

    Mambo offers the best Wordpress hosting. Our hosting service includes a cPanel hosting that is very easy to use, with an additional Fantastico Deluxe feature that allows you to automate the Wordpress installation process. With fantastic, you can install Wordpress on your host in only 2 clicks and have your website/blog up and running in less than 2 minutes!

    You need Mambo Web Hosting for your Wordpress Blog/Site because;

  • You get 99.9% uptime

  • You get unlimited domains and hosting

  • You get Fantastico Deluxe

  • You get cPanel Hosting

  • You get 24/7 professional customer service

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